Hi, I'm Beth!

I’m on a mission to teach as many people as I can how to develop inclusive mindsets!

I have committed my career to disrupting the status quo by helping leaders develop inclusive mindsets & remove barriers that lead to culture shifts.

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  Learn how to Explore, Embrace, Evaluate, and Elevate your culture from exclusive to inclusive.



 Learn how to get unstuck, gain clarity, and build a career you love.   



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Conference Attendee

 “Beth provided an engaging session with great examples and actionable takeaways - I will take these programs back to my employer.” 

Fortune 250 Executive

 “Beth's leadership helps de-escalate tense situations so people can get to the heart of the matter and make real change.”  

Graduate Student

 “Beth showed me how I can use my degree in the real world by putting diversity to work.” 

Coaching Client

 “If you are looking for a top-tier professional to guide your career path, leverage your strengths, and give expert coaching, Beth is your go-to source. I highly-recommend!” 

Coaching Client

 “Beth Ruffin is amazing! During our session she shared valuable tips on how I can stay connected to my personal brand and monetize my message. She is professional, engaging and truly cares about helping women find their seat at the table and achieve their professional and personal goals. 

Coaching Client

 “Beth provided so much more, she offered me her energy, her sincerity, and wisdom to help me grow. I feel like I can build my table, but also plant seeds to grow more trees, to build more tables! I know my worth! Do you know yours? I highly recommend Beth Ruffin to help you identify and demonstrate your worth!!” 

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